by Horatio Somersault


VUR is an interesting place. It exists for the sake of your own imagination. Had you not an imagination, you would not need VUR and VUR would not need you. What am I saying? VUR exists for the concentration of your vital life essence. You should stay inside of VUR and keep VUR close to you. Nestle it idly in the twilight sunset hours. Give it a kiss. Smooch it a little and lay it down on a pillow. This is VUR.


VUR is caught between the friction of centuries. VUR has been beyond and has seen the other side of the fence. VUR will roast marshmallows with you if you ask it gently. VUR is not your friend. VUR is deeper than friendship. VUR is like breaking up with your fiance the night before you get married. VUR will undo all the regressions of your past. VUR is considerate of you. VUR loves you.


Why was it necessary to invent a place like VUR? What did it do that caused it to get itself made into something by something prior to it? Why would it behave in a fashion similar to the neutron?


VUR is unknowing. VUR is what happens when you see negative images of your own positive assertions. VUR is the inversion of the world. VUR does not stand for and lays no claim to the VUR in inversion. It is not written by introVURts. It would not play Street Fighter against you, or use ‘versus’ as a verb-y kinda thing like children in your neighborhood might’ve once. VUR will not “verse” you in Street Fighter. VUR might play Street Fighter, actually. After giving it some consideration. But only after staring for a while as others play, or maybe as the screen flashes to choose a player. VUR will not act like a camcorder that exists inside your mind. VUR is not a kind of entity that behaves in a way that would ever cause anyone to use the term “superego.” VUR is not your superego. VUR does care.


You must live with VUR as it lives with you. You may need to make concessions to VUR. You may need to compromise with VUR. VUR may need to be something that you could hold tight aside your belly sometimes, or perhaps lick its toe? VUR would let you lick its toes. VUR is something you settle down to, something you relax aside. VUR is something sweet and indefinable. VUR exists for the sake of nothing, and is, culturally, significant of dangerous and strange shifts in the psyche. But VUR has been around forever.


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