Station Announcement


What’s up y’all I know it’s been a wild read lately. Y’all have been doing good and so what’s up how’s your ma and pa doing? Y’all should cheer up and take it easy! Be cool! No worries! First round’s on me if you come down to the bar in the evening. Be easy, team! Y’all been stressing too much. This is Big Bubba, reminding all you weirdos out there to keep an even head and keep the good times rolling! Holler at me if you need anything or want a friend to talk to.


About vurinstitute

Horatio Somersault is the Director and Regent Chancellor of the VUR Institute, a think tank involving some as-yet-unknown and slightly spooky manipulations of time and interdimensionality. In his spare time Somersault enjoys writing poems and fables. You can read his writings, as well as those of other VUR inhabitants, at Though he lives a wanderer's life, his hometown is a domed biome inside the water core of the moon Europa. You can follow his experiences adapting to the customs of the early 21st century on his Twitter @VURdirector and can email him at vurinstitute at gmail dot com.
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