===Rings of Flowers===


♣For Internal Use Only♠
Clearance Level: Close to the Highest Possible



Transmissions from Field Agent Eisman Hegel


Just more cycles… I can’t help feeling the world will be less kind to strange people & I’ll be just another cog in a world of increasing sketchiness… I must save myself before the world erupts in flames… 72 dramatic escalations…Killing is “sane”… I want insane non-violence and utter non-absorption and a return to the mind of my childhood I miss my old child-self I want to go home, Avatar, Avatar, Avatar…


“Your strange dream is itself magnificent functioning.” It’s another morning and other life and another carousel of strange images and preoccupations. Am I word-bound? Can I make it out of here? But I’d rather pick daisies in the ecstatic of nonsense than wheel endlessly down this road of interrogation… Just a passing meander through the forests of this present time!


Lost in the pool of my own reflection. Oh! How Beautiful! The whole matrix of feeling and being is love… Demons are friends in disguise… Who cares if I’m part woman, etc. etc.


It’s hard not to feel guilty not following obligation & responsibility I tell myself… Words are the ultimate SPELL. I can say ANY word–“You, dear reader, are a fool and should feel bad.” And now mind HAS its disconnection… The mystery birds: Who is looking over dictionaries centers cortices and vertexes and shock system? Kill Kill Leave all woodlands and hyperbole!


Here I am writing in a [VUR Special Report], you bastard idiot [VUR Special Report], I dance duels with my preoccupations. All of this is a pleasant dream with no hidden meaning so why bother? Get the mumble and jumble updated to REAL TIME and maybe you’ll find real-time logistics and statistics as well, Humdrum Hamburger Munchkin.


There is no shortage of life without ego and yet this life with it is so painful but look at the rhythm and see what kind of pattern there is to follow–SELF creates problem self calls itself reaction to problem and the thing that will solve the problem. TREMENDOUS hoax! I can’t abide it and the cquils and the death wheeze all clamor in the 8:30 cold. Where is the final end of analysis?


Losing oneself amidst the pepperoni sunflower someone come find me and say hi, I miss a good contact with the world. The rose-fingered dawn can break over top of us and carry us away on a raft of driftwood with a sail made of fine silk. I too am lost in the daydream of the mind controller… When does the last train leave?


It is still a good morning, even with this spina bifuta that seems to develop from my poor posture. “He’s scared of me” random thug kid said outside the room. I stared at him like a mute cow, unable to respond. I feel so bad about it… You have to keep moving they’ll make it through high school… People can be unkind but the general apparatus of the universe still resounds in its appropriateness. Yet I must allow my flower/soil combo…


{REDACTED} for Jesus the next chapter, I want to fart away all the cares and troubles of the world Lord Jesus take me under your wing and teach me the peaceful road without pain… I will alchemize the mirror, save me from my own unrest… Windows keep getting smashed in by the hurricanes of fortune… These savages keep me caged up; who is the savage, who is the domesticator? I indebt to be forgiven my debts, I forgive trespasses so my own trespassing will go unnoticed occasionally I forgive my OWN trespassings and release into the golden white cloud… But only on the weekends. Good thing it’s Saturday I’ll be sure to tell you what the coulds look like and how the city seems so small…


Good God what a perfect time to take out all the thoughts in my head and write because the pounding self-discussion loves nothing so much as a first thing in the morning. The ninjas of Babylon are a rare and disgusting breed. The nymphs and fairies will aid in your mission. Let your skin begin to blend itself with mine turn off all considerations and consider only consideration. Today I am going to be mindless like a dumb sheep, honking at passerby, squaking, being stupid… Relaxation will depart over the sleeping plane station like a mellow cloud as samurais watch and cower. We will stun the universe with our powers of relaxation.


About vurinstitute

Horatio Somersault is the Director and Regent Chancellor of the VUR Institute, a think tank involving some as-yet-unknown and slightly spooky manipulations of time and interdimensionality. In his spare time Somersault enjoys writing poems and fables. You can read his writings, as well as those of other VUR inhabitants, at vurinstitute.wordpress.com. Though he lives a wanderer's life, his hometown is a domed biome inside the water core of the moon Europa. You can follow his experiences adapting to the customs of the early 21st century on his Twitter @VURdirector and can email him at vurinstitute at gmail dot com.
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